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RentMen: What do you do for fun?
MikeDelish: Video games and other Geek related things always a part of me, will be. Star Wars dominated my childhood along with Jurassic park and Indiana Jones. Then Lord of the ring as I got older, I really am a cultural product of the 90s Who grew up in France with a bike, wooden sticks and a lot of imagination. I remain a big Geek at heart and I spend quite some time computering and socializing around that with friends or alone. I would love to assemble a crew to play tabletop RPG again :).
Also since it is the winter when I answer this interview;
- I absolutely LOVE Snowboard !
Finally we got some decent snow recently :). Maybe you will find me gliding down a near mountain, with a big smile on my face ^^. I especially enjoy Bromont because it is open in the evening too, which is great for night owls like me.
When the occasion is here I love to go to special events in the kink and fetish scene, I also love to have sex partys and go to swingers clubs and other libertin places.
Updated: 12 Feb, 17:53
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